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Sources for Chili Pepper Seeds


Many of our customers ask where we get our seeds. Here's a list of our go-to sources; you'll find many types of chili peppers as well as other types of seeds.

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: Their Whole Seed Catalog is a stunning dream machine that transforms cold winter days into the stuff of summer produce and bounty. We are keen on the very nice selection of sweet and hot chili peppers; but their offerings are so much broader than the capsicums.

Chile Pepper Institute: An organization dedicated to research and education in areas related to chili peppers. CPI is associated with New Mexico State University. Among their many offerings, we find them to have a nice selection of chili pepper seeds. If you are a member, you also receive a newsletter and other member benefits.

Cross Country Nursery: Offer plants and seeds. We've ordered both. Have 500 varieties of chili peppers as well as huge varieties of tomatoes and eggplants. If you have questions, they have answers and have helped us diagnose issues with our plants and offered cultivation help. Wonderful resource. Get their print catalog. You'll refer to it often for descriptions and for the handy table that summarizes their chili pepper offerings.

J.L. Hudson, Seedsman: Public Access Seed Bank established 1911 - relevant then, so relevant today - source for heirloom seeds from around the world - get the print catalog; the pages will be dog-eared and scribbled with notes, then you'll have to decide, "Can I really plant all those seeds?"

Johnny's Selected Seeds: Seeds and so much more! Garden supplies and equipment, innovative techniques for hoop houses, planting calculators

Kitazawa Seed Company: This company specializes in Asian vegetable seeds, which include some exotic chili pepper varieties. We rely on Kitazawa as a source of these hard-to-find varieties.

Pepper Gal: Hard-to-find seeds are, well, hard-to-find. When you look, can't find, and keep looking, you discover new sources. Such is the case with Pepper Gal. We couldn't find a particular variety and kept searching when we finally found it here. Worth having as one of your sources for seeds.

Pepper Joe: Excellent selection of super-hot, habanero, jalapeno, cayenne and other chili peppers. Also have tomatoes. On-line and print catalog available.

Puckerbutt Pepper Company: Founded by Ed Currie, the creator of the world's hottest chili pepper, the Carolina Reaper (HP22B), the company offers a wide variety of chili pepper seeds and chili products.

Refining Fire Chiles: If it's chili pepper seeds you want, Jim Duffy and his Refining Fire is one place you need to bookmark. Fast service, wide variety from mild to wild.

Semillas La Palma: One of the largest collection of chili pepper seeds we have found. Located in the Canary Islands, but they ship worldwide. We've found seeds suggested by our customers that were not available from any other source. Great on-line catalog.

Territorial Seed Company: Little bit of everything - vegetables, flowers, equipment, supplies - nice print catalog, too!

Trade Winds Fruit: These folks have a remarkable selection of hard-to-find chili pepper seeds along with other rare seeds. When looking to fill out our planting plan, we discovered that TWF was the only purveyor that had some of our gotta haves.


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