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Nobska Farms is a microfarm on Cape Cod, MA specializing in exotic, rare, hard-to-find, and super hot chili peppers. Methods designed to support Farming for the Futureā„ .

Rooster’s first memories of summer are with his grandmother in Alabama helping with the garden and hearing stories of her years growing up on a farm in Tennessee. Nobska Farms transports these parts of Grandma Rooster’s life through 100 years of time and 1200 miles of space to recreate a little bit of the Old South within the village of Woods Hole on Cape Cod. Other memories are of Rooster’s grandfather, on the other side of the family, who gave the Rooster his name; morning salutations such as ” … how’s my Big Red Rooster today?” were a regular greeting. The name stuck.

Nobska Farms is the latest in a string of lifetime learning and research experiences. The Rooster has pursued interesting opportunities wherever they lead and, sometimes, rather to the extreme. Over the years pursuits have included small-scale commercial beekeeping; growing a carpet garden (carpet mulch, not growing carpet!), camping on the Arctic ice; spending months at sea; being a fine artist in traditional drawing and oil painting; and a bunch of other stuff. The best thing the Rooster ever did was to marry Mrs. Rooster, an inveterate gardener and collaborator on mutual gardening, horticultural, and life interests. All of this has led, in one way or another, to Nobska Farms.

We specialize in exotic, rare, hard-to-find, and super-hot chili peppers and related products for commercial sale. The chili pepper operation has transitioned from summer hobby gardening to a year-round activity; it significantly expands on our general vegetable, herb, and flower gardening. Being in New England, we require a greenhouse for year-round growing. We have borrowed greenhouse space in the past; we now have a greenhouse of our own. We struggle against Old Man Winter on a steep learning curve; the Old Man sometimes gets ahead, but we fight back and are stronger with each trial.

A key aspect of the operation is sustainability, which, for us, means “importing” to the farm as little as possible across the property line – in other words, minimize use of electricity, fuel, fertilizer, and water. We focus on harvesting as much as possible of what comes out of the sky. In come sunshine and rainwater, out go chili peppers. Research is on-going to develop ways to increase production intensity through the application of science and technology in integrated systems. Our focus is to develop chili pepper growing systems that can be tailored to high intensity food production for other crops.

Chili enthusiasts and regional chefs are our principal customers. They rely on Nobska Farms to satisfy their need for heat – hot, spicy, and flavorful! All of our chili peppers are grown using organic methods, and we are always on the lookout for new and interesting varieties.

Follow us on Instagram @nobskafarms or stop by the website from time to time for an update on what’s happening at the farm.


The Big Red Rooster

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