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When to Pick Chili Peppers?

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Harvest time is coming. Question is when to pick.

A little too early is fine. The peppers will be have plenty of heat and flavor, just not full ripe color. Before they are ripe, they are a little less hot and a little less sweet. Kind of like apples - think of the difference between green and red apples.

Traditionally, chili peppers are eaten fresh when they are green and dried for later use when they are ripe (usually red, orange, or yellow). We like to use the fresh, ripe chili peppers for our sauce and other preparations. There are no strict rules.

If you wait too long, the peppers will start to dry on the bush or start to mold, depending on the weather and the type of pepper. Best to pick them while they are still firm and plump.

Enjoy the harvest!

Cheers,   Rooster

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