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Spring's a Commin'

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Reorganized the greenhouse. Installed a ventilation system. Spring means we have to worry about the greenhouse getting too hot in the day and too cold at night. Shoulder season. Box fan will do the trick for bringing in cool daytime air. Thermostat switch will cycle the fan to keep the temps below 90F. Went up to 134F a couple days age. That was the signal to start worrying about too much heat. Have been trying to keep the greenhouse warm all winter, so this is a switch.

Brought seedlings out from their warm birth place in the furnace room. Set them out on tables on heating pads. Thermostat will keep soil temp at 85F. Chilies like warm temps for germination. Guess that sets the trend for their whole life.

Mulched the over wintered chilies with seaweed. They are starting to send up good shoots. May have chilies by June. July at the latest. Seedlings will be producing in August and September. Growing new South American varieties this year. Mix of interesting flavors, colors, shapes, and heat.

Spring's a commin'!!


It blew. It snowed. It stopped. We survived.

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