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Nobska Farms on FCTV

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In the fall of this year, we were interviewed for a video segment on Falmouth Community TV by Basia Groszczynska. The resulting segment was broadcast on FCTV starting December 23.

During the interview, we described our chili pepper growing operations; we also described our plans for an aquaponic system to experiment with one aspect of high intensity urban agriculture. Research and development of these systems is an example of our dedication to Farming for the Futureā„ . As a community, we must work together over the coming decades to figure out how to expand global food production, and aquaponics is one part of the solution.

In comparison to the stark winter landscape we now see in December, the lush, green foliage of the chili plants in the video looks like it was filmed on a different planet. Reassuring to know that winter will pass in its time and that these incredible green displays will once again return to the farm.

Nobska Farms Presentation

The Falmouth Agriculture Commission hosted a series of talks with the theme "Adventures in Microfarming" in support of the commission's initiative in microfarming. Nobska Farms presented a talk on our chili pepper microfarm startup on April 17 at the Falmouth Public Library. We discussed aspects of the business, implementation, and mission. There [...]

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