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Oh What a Spring! ... and Summer is Here!

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We've had a crazy busy spring, and things are set for a very busy summer and fall. Where to start?

  • How about Facebook? ... it's our new portal for short, quick updates about activities on the farm. Like us to keep up with current events. Facebook complements our long standing Twitter feed, which features commentary by us along with re-tweets on topics of interest. If you are into pictures of events around the farm, then our Instagram postings may be for you.
  • Physical infrastructure improved with access to a commercial kitchen. Our production has expanded beyond what is convenient in our approved, residential kitchen. Plus a commercial kitchen sets the stage for a wholesale license, of which we are in the application process. The attached photo shows Rooster's Rocket Fuel™ hot sauce and Ghost Pepper Jelly in production.
  • We're doing two farmers' markets this summer: Falmouth Farmers' Market and Mashpee Commons Farmers' Market. Check our Facebook page for upcoming dates.
  • Edible Cape Cod ran a feature article about Nobska Farms. The author, Julie Mirocha, did a wonderful job of capturing the essence and spirit of our operations.
  • In addition to farmers' markets and direct sales at the farm and events, Nobska Farms products are appearing in stores and outlets across the Cape. We provided Pocket Rocket™ hot sauce to Delicious Living Nutrition for their CSA along with Rooster's Rocket Fuel hot sauce for the store. We also have a complete line of products available at Windfall Market, Cape Abilities, and Cape Cod Beer. These new outlets complement existing sales at Bean & Cod, Spice Merchant, and Marty's Fine Wine
  • Nobska Farms is tripling our growing operations this year. We have laid out new beds in the continuing transformation of our property from almost purely ornamental to a combination of ornamental and functional (for food production). In the fall, we will start our first winter of four season farming via the methods championed by Eliot Coleman. If he can do it in Maine, we can sure give it a shot on Cape Cod.
  • We're thankful for help during the busy summer season by two young women. One is a college student helping with the growing operations, harvesting, and general management of the plants. The other is a high school student who is using our aquaponic system as the basis for a science fair project. Both are interested in the science behind the agricultural methods and are learning by doing.
  • Nobska Farms is now a member of Buy Fresh Buy Local Cape Cod. See our listing on their website here along with many other local farms and farm stands on the Cape. Also, stay tuned for details about our participation in the BFBL scavenger hunt. Sounds like a lot of fun!
  • If you are near Woods Hole over the summer, please stop by. Call, text or email ahead of time to make sure we are around. When you visit, we'll give you a tour of the operations, talk about our mission for developing methods in high-intensity urban agriculture, have you sample products, and send you away with a bag full of chili goodies.
  • New developments are in the works. We're always looking to improve our operations and expand our market reach. Contact us with comments, requests, suggestions, and feedback.

    Cheers,   Rooster

2014 Chili Pepper Seedlings

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Soil Recipe for Container Planting

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Retired Chili Plants Available

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Super Spicy Farm - Cape Cod Times

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Starting and Planting Chili Peppers

Plant chili pepper seeds about ¼” deep in growing medium. Medium should drain well but have moderate moisture retention capabilities. Medium should also have moderate organic material. Suitable mix would be equal parts of compost, perlite, and loam. Seeds germinate best at 85-90F. Keep medium moist during germination. A humidity dome [...]

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Propane is Our Friend

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Winter Sunrise on the Farm

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Bad Day on the Farm

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