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Chinook™ Shelters - Season Extension

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Fall is upon us. Good sleeping weather, they say. You can pull on a blanket and be cozy. Not so for your tender summer crops. Especially chili peppers. They will do OK without fall protection. But, well, is OK really good enough?

With just a little effort, you can give your peppers hot days and warm nights during the shoulder seasons. The peppers will continue to produce well into the fall, and you can get a jump on planting in the spring. Season extension is especially important for the super-hot chili pepper varieties.

These shelters also allow you to plant in the late summer and fall for harvest over the winter. Think spinach, scallions, carrots, and more. Eliot Coleman's book Four-Season Harvest is a wealth of information on this technique.

Nobska Farms is offering components for these Chinook™ Shelters or complete kits for you to install in your garden. Designs include 

  • With and without the box frame
  • With and without end covers
  • Different cover materials for use in all seasons
  • Anchoring devices if you don't have a box frame
  • Instructions for setting up the shelter

Contact us for more information.

Happy fall growing!


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