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Propane is Our Friend

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We're in transition from startup to sustainability. This winter we have to tap into every resource to keep our greenhouse warm. With nighttime temps in single digits and daytime temps in the teens, passive solar just will not suffice with our current setup. Until we have a more energy efficient setup, we're relying on propane. Have a regulator that automatically switched from an empty tank to a full one. This winter is our experiment and will also serve as a baseline. We know how much propane we have bought. This represents the total energy required for our setup. We will calculate the heating-degree day (e. g., BizEE Degree Days) and the determine the BTU/heating-degree-day. With this baseline we'll know how much energy from any source is needed. Future sources will be passive solar in an unvented greenhouse, ground source thermal banking, or vented natural gas heaters. The research continues at Nobska Farms.

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