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Starting and Planting Chili Peppers

Plant chili pepper seeds about ¼” deep in growing medium. Medium should drain well but have moderate moisture retention capabilities. Medium should also have moderate organic material. Suitable mix would be equal parts of compost, perlite, and loam. Seeds germinate best at 85-90F. Keep medium moist during germination. A humidity dome [...]

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Nobska Farms Presentation

The Falmouth Agriculture Commission hosted a series of talks with the theme "Adventures in Microfarming" in support of the commission's initiative in microfarming. Nobska Farms presented a talk on our chili pepper microfarm startup on April 17 at the Falmouth Public Library. We discussed aspects of the business, implementation, and mission. There [...]

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Chilies on the Rise: Class of 2013

Seedlings in wave #1 and #2 for this year. Selection is focused on South American chilies plus a good amount of the superhots. Many varieties of aji, which are good for ceviche and other S.A. dishes. Stared seeds in 50/50 mix of coir fiber and vermiculite. Neutral pH, good moisture retention, and open structure for easy [...]

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Spring's a Commin'

Reorganized the greenhouse. Installed a ventilation system. Spring means we have to worry about the greenhouse getting too hot in the day and too cold at night. Shoulder season. Box fan will do the trick for bringing in cool daytime air. Thermostat switch will cycle the fan to keep the temps below 90F. [...]

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It blew. It snowed. It stopped. We survived.

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Propane is Our Friend

We're in transition from startup to sustainability. This winter we have to tap into every resource to keep our greenhouse warm. With nighttime temps in single digits and daytime temps in the teens, passive solar just will not suffice with our current setup. Until we have a more energy efficient setup, we're relying on [...]

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Winter Sunrise on the Farm

Early morning sunrise. 18°F. Cold but beautiful. Greenhouse a cozy 48°. Just another day on the Farm.

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Now We Know What "Unvented" Heater Really Means

Last week we had a really Bad day on the Farm. Pilot light went out on heater and temps went down way below freezing. If we didn't loose our entire crop (situation still evolving), it was at least a severe setback. Killed all of the foliage but maybe not the roots and [...]

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Scorpions at Derby Day

Close your eyes. Imagine a Derby Day tailgate-fest. It's late morning at Churchill Downs. This story may be true or near enough to true to make you believe it did or could happen. We're sittin' around a Winnebago as big as a semi-truck; the fragrance of burgoo, a classic Kentucky stew, wafts around [...]

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Bad Day on the Farm

Well, temps were down to about 17° this week. Propane heater pilot light went out. No heat. Greenhouse went cold. Down to about 28°. Bad news. May have lost the entire crop of chili plants; one was our original Bhut Jolokia that is four years old.Possible that the core of (some of) the plants are [...]

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