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Oh What a Spring! ... and Summer is Here!

We've had a crazy busy spring, and things are set for a very busy summer and fall. Where to start? How about Facebook? ... it's our new portal for short, quick updates about activities on the farm. Like us to keep up with current events. Facebook complements our long standing Twitter feed, which features commentary by [...]

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2014 Chili Pepper Seedlings

We're well into spring. There might be one more snow coming, but daffodils are up, lawn is greening, forsythia are blooming, osprey have returned ... SPRING! Frost free date is in a few weeks. In our greenhouse, we've been planting seeds for almost 100 varieties of chili peppers, many of which we are offering to the [...]

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Soil Recipe for Container Planting

Spring is here. Seedlings are started or are going to be bought soon. Frost free date is only a handful of weeks away. If you are planting in containers, the question arises ... What soil mix do I use? At Nobska Farms, we have developed an organic mix that gives good and consistent results. We're passing [...]

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Nobska Farms on FCTV

In the fall of this year, we were interviewed for a video segment on Falmouth Community TV by Basia Groszczynska. The resulting segment was broadcast on FCTV starting December 23. During the interview, we described our chili pepper growing operations; we also described our plans for an aquaponic system to experiment with one aspect of [...]

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Nobska Farms Branding Update

Over the past couple of months we've been working with two talented designers to update our branding image and develop new product labels. The results are beautiful and have received lots of positive feedback from customer. The Rooster art was created by Ariel Simon. With lots of creativity, she gave the rooster a mischievous smirk while [...]

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Retired Chili Plants Available

Winter's comin'! Temps in the low 30s. Gotta act. Gotta act now! We have more chili plants than can fit into our greenhouse. We also have plans for an aquaponic system in our greenhouse, which further limits the available space. So, what to do? Move some of the plants to another greenhouse and retire the rest. [...]

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Ghost Pepper Dry Rub for Brisket

Previously, we have talked about dry rub for chicken. Here we offer a dry rub developed by one of our customers for beef brisket. The rub uses Nobska Farms™ Ghost Peppers. It creates a spicy, delicious crust on the brisket with good flavor permeating into the meat. Let's go! Ghost Pepper Dry Rub for Brisket Ingredients 1/8 cp black [...]

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Ghost Pepper Glaze for Pork Tenderloin

Here's a recipe from one of our customers to cook pork tenderloin (about 1.5 lbs, serves 3-4) using Nobska Farms™ Ghost Pepper Jelly as a marinade on the grill. Results: "WOW!! Nice heat... And save the juice to dip or to pour over rice!"Ghost Pepper Glaze 1/2 jar of Rooster's Ghost pepper Jelly (about 2 TBS) 1 [...]

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Nobska Farms at Falmouth Farmers' Market

Nobska Farms did a demonstration at the Falmouth Farmers' Market on Thursday, August 22 at 1:30pm. The session included a discussion of chili peppers and their many dimensions including growing them, using them in recipes, their history, and, of course their flavor and heat.We had samples of our chilies from the super mild to the [...]

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Super Spicy Farm - Cape Cod Times

We were interviewed by Cape Cod Times a couple of weeks ago. They produced a video about our operations here at Nobska Farms. Chili peppers were just starting to come in strong. Now have some ripening that were still green in the video. We have about 200 plants this year in three waves with about 50 [...]

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