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Chinook™ Garden Shelters


Nobska Farms offers valuable garden sheltering components and kits for sale.

Skillful gardeners have a primal urge to protect their precious plants from harm and to strive for optimal production conditions.

Primitive methods, such as hastily arranged tents with broomsticks and sheets spread over the tomatoes the night before the first frost using cloches, garden caps, burlap over the beds, etc. leaves much to be desired.

Fortunately, advanced methods using an array of sheltering practices have been recently developed using films, fabrics, metal tubing, and other hardware. Easy to use hoop structures are made with bent tubes of various widths; these attach to raised bed frames or are anchored directly to the ground and covered with fabric or film. This approach affords the protection we need from wind, sun, cold, storms, pest invasions, insects, and bunnies.

The Chinook™ Garden Shelter components and systems offered by Nobska Farms enable successful four-season gardening – extending summer crops late into the fall and providing winter gardens for harvesting greens, and hardy vegetables even in January and February! Think spinach, scallions, carrots, and more.

The sheltering components consist of structural elements including hoops, attachment hardware, raised bed frames, and coverings, with options of garden fabric for wind and insect protection during the summer and poly-film sheets for retaining heat in the colder months.

Complete shelter kits start at $180. Full price list for options and components available by request. Local pick-up only.

For more information call Bill at 508-274-9889 or email at bluespot68@gmail.com

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